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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CBitArray::AccessProvide access to a single bit in a BitArray
 CLayout< T, E >::AccessAccess item value and associated layout properties
 CHttpServiceRegistry::Announcer< T >Announce a new service
 CAppendList< T >Single-linked list data container
 CAppendList< Token >
 CAppendListIterator< T >Value iterator type for the AppendList
 CAppendListTransaction< T >Optionally rollback one or many append operations in one go
 CArgumentsCommand line arguments parser
 CArray< T >An array of items within a contiguous chunk of memory
 CArray< cairo_glyph_t >
 CArray< cairo_text_cluster_t >
 CArray< cc::syntax::SyntaxNode >
 CArray< cc::Thread >
 CArray< cc::Vector >
 CArray< double >
 CArray< struct pollfd >
 CArray< uint8_t >
 CArrayIterator< Container, Dir >Array iterator
 CArrayIteratorItemAccess< Container >Policy for selecting the item access type
 CEasing::BezierCubic Bezier curve
 CBinary< byteOrder >Read and write binary data structures
 CBit< T, j, i >Select the bits i to j from a word of type T
 CBitArrayArray of bits
 CBucketArray< T, trivial >Helper methods for copying and shifting partially uninitialized arrays
 CBucketArray< Item >
 CBucketArray< Node * >
 CBuildShellDelegate to handle file system related shell commands
 CBuildStageStage of the multi-stage build process
 CBuildStageGuardExecute pre and post post commands
 CBundleLookup files in installation directories
 CByteSinkByte encoding sink
 CByteSourceByte decoding sink
 CChannel< T >Thread communication channel
 CChannel< cc::build::Job >
 CChannel< cc::SocketAddress >
 CChannel< HttpClientConnection >
 CChannel< Signal >
 CChannel< TimeoutRequest >
 CChannel< uint8_t >
 CCircularBuffer< T >Fixed-size circular data buffer
 CCodyMessageCoDy protocol message
 CColorARGB color tuple (32 bit)
 CComposite< T >Composite aggregate
 CComposite< cc::MultiMap< Priority, Item, cc::DefaultOrder > >
 CComposite< State >
 CCryptoHashCryptographic hash sum
 CCubicBezierCubic berzier curves
 CDateCalendar date and time
 CDefaultOrderDefault sort order based on ordering operator<=>
 CDim< N >Provide dimensions for container initialization
 CDisplayModeDisplay mode
 CEasingEasing curves
 CElementaryColor palette of Elementary OS
 CexceptionSTL class
 CFFT< Complex >A simple, yet fast, DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform)
 CFileLockAdvisory file lock
 CFindAnyFind a matching item
 CFindFirstFind first item which equals pattern
 CFindLastFind last item which equals pattern
 CFontFont selector
 CRaspin::GroupA group of GPIO pins
 CGuard< T >Mutex guard
 CHeap< T, Order >Fixed-size heap
 CHttpCloseRequestA request to close the HTTP pipeline has been received
 CIndexTracking< T >Index tracking support
 CInOut< T >Call by reference function arguments
 CKeccak< Capacity, Padding, Source, Sink >Keccak sponge function
 CKeccak< HashBitSize *2, cc::Sha3Padding >
 CKeccakPaddingDefault padding policy for Keccak
 CKeccakSinkDefault policy for writing output bytes
 CKeccakSource< Capacity, Padding >Default policy for reading input bytes
 CKeyEventKeyboard input event
 CKeyValue< K, V >Key-value pair
 CList< T >List data container
 CList< Bytes >
 CList< cc::Action >
 CList< cc::Array >
 CList< cc::build::BuildPlan >
 CList< cc::build::CodyWorker >
 CList< cc::build::Predicate >
 CList< cc::build::Unit >
 CList< cc::Display >
 CList< cc::FontFace >
 CList< cc::HttpLoggingServiceInstance >
 CList< cc::HttpServiceInstance >
 CList< cc::IoChannel >
 CList< cc::IoStream >
 CList< cc::MetaObject >
 CList< cc::NetworkLabel >
 CList< cc::Object >
 CList< cc::RadioButtonControl >
 CList< cc::SocketAddress >
 CList< cc::Stream >
 CList< cc::String >
 CList< cc::TestCase >
 CList< cc::View >
 CList< FtGlyphRun >
 CList< HttpClientConnection >
 CList< MountPoint >
 CList< Segment >
 CList< String >
 CLocatorLocate items inside containers
 CMap< K, T, O >Map data container
 CMap< cc::Casefree< cc::String >, cc::String >
 CMap< cc::String >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::build::BuildPlan >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::build::Unit >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::HttpLoggingService >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::HttpService >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::ImageIoPlugin >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::MetaPrototype >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::String >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::StylePlugin >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::SyntaxRule >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::TokiLanguage >
 CMap< cc::String, cc::Variant >
 CMap< cc::String, Entry >
 CMap< cc::String, PlatformPlugin >
 CMap< int, cc::IoActivity >
 CMap< String, RecentFonts >
 CMap< uint32_t, SdlWindow >
 CMap< uint64_t, int >
 CMap< void *, Set< void ** > >
 CMaterialThe Material Design color palette
 CModuloPaddingPKCS#7 style paddding (RFC 2315)
 CMountPointMount table entry
 CMultiMap< K, T, O >Multi-map data container
 CMultiMap< cc::String, cc::build::SystemPrerequisite >
 CMultiMap< cc::String, cc::ImageIoPlugin >
 CMultiMap< cc::String, cc::Plugin >
 CMultiMap< Priority, Item, cc::DefaultOrder >
 CMultiSet< T, O >Multi-set data container
 CMultiSet< TimeoutRequest >
 CMutexUnconditional thread suspension and resumption
 CNewHelper type to select non-null contruction
 CNoneType of an unused return value
 CNullFormatDiscarding formatted output sink
 CObjectObject with value semantics
 CPainterDrawing 2D vector graphics
 CRaspin::PinA single GPIO pin
 CPluginLoaderPlugin loading during library initialization
 CPrefixString prefix
 CPriorityChannel< T, P >Prioritized thread communication channel
 CPriorityChannel< HttpClientConnection >
 CPriorityQueue< T, P >Priority queue data container
 CPriorityQueue< Item, Priority >
 CProperty< T >Property bindings
 CProperty< bool >
 CProperty< cc::CheckboxControl >
 CProperty< cc::Color >
 CProperty< cc::Control >
 CProperty< cc::Cursor >
 CProperty< cc::Display >
 CProperty< cc::DisplayMode >
 CProperty< cc::Font >
 CProperty< cc::FontMetrics >
 CProperty< cc::GlyphRun >
 CProperty< cc::Image >
 CProperty< cc::List< cc::CheckboxControl > >
 CProperty< cc::List< cc::String > >
 CProperty< cc::Object::State * >
 CProperty< cc::Padding >
 CProperty< cc::Pen >
 CProperty< cc::Picture >
 CProperty< cc::Range >
 CProperty< cc::Rect >
 CProperty< cc::Shortcut >
 CProperty< cc::String >
 CProperty< cc::TextCursor >
 CProperty< cc::TextRun >
 CProperty< cc::Theme >
 CProperty< cc::Vector >
 CProperty< cc::View >
 CProperty< cc::View::Layout >
 CProperty< cc::View::State * >
 CProperty< cc::Visual >
 CProperty< cc::Window >
 CProperty< char >
 CProperty< ClockFace::Mode >
 CProperty< ColumnAlign >
 CProperty< double >
 CProperty< int >
 CProperty< long >
 CProperty< Mode >
 CProperty< Orientation >
 CProperty< PointRetrieval >
 CProperty< PointScaling >
 CProperty< RowAlign >
 CProperty< TextAlign >
 CProperty< Value >
 CProperty< void >
 CQueue< T >Double-ended queue data container
 CQueue< cc::build::Job >
 CQueue< cc::String >
 CQueue< Function< void()> >
 CQueue< int >
 CQueue< TextDelta >
 CQueue< UpdateRequest >
 CRandomPseudo-random number generator
 CLayout< T, E >::RangeRange for reading all layout stops within a given layout range
 CRangeIndex range
 CReadGuardFor-reading lock guard
 CReadWriteLockRead-write lock
 CResourceGuardResource context guard
 CResourcePathAutomatically map resource paths to real file system paths
 CReverseOrderReverse sort order based on ordering operator<=>
 CScopeGuardCall cleanup function on scope exit
 CSemaphore< T >Waiting for a limited resource
 CSemaphore< int >
 CSet< T, O >Set data container
 CSet< cc::build::Job >
 CSet< cc::build::JobServer >
 CSet< cc::FontFamily >
 CSet< cc::String >
 CSet< cc::View >
 CSet< Handle< PropertyBinding > >
 CSha3PaddingPadding policy for NIST SHA3
 CShakePaddingPadding policy for NIST SHAKE128 and SHAKE256
 CSignalSetA set of system signals
 CSourceIterator< T >Data source iterator
 CSpinLockSpinning lock mutex
 CObject::StateReference counted object state
 CSystemSystem information
 CTestCaseDefines a test case
 CTriggerCallback mechanism: get notified on state changes
 CTypeInfoVariant type information
 CUriUniform Resource Indentifier (URI)
 CUtf16Iterate Unicode code points of an UTF-16 encoded string
 CUtf16IteratorIterate code points of an UTF-16 encoded string
 CUtf16SinkUTF-16 encoding data sink
 CUtf16SourceUTF-16 decoding data source
 CUtf8Iterate Unicode code points of an UTF-8 encoded string
 CUtf8IteratorIterate code points of an UTF-8 encoded string
 CUtf8SinkUTF-8 encoding data sink
 CUtf8SourceUTF-8 decoding data source
 CVariantDuck-typed value
 CVector< T, N >Algebraic vector
 CVector< double, 2 >
 CVersionSoftware version tuple
 CWaitConditionConditional thread suspension and resumption
 CWebCSS color palette
 CWriteGuardFor-writing lock guard
 CXorXOR write over policy