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HttpServiceDelegate::State Struct Referenceabstract

Internal state. More...

#include <HttpServiceDelegate>

Inheritance diagram for HttpServiceDelegate::State:

Public Member Functions

virtual void process (const HttpRequest &request)=0
const HttpServerConfignodeConfig () const
const HttpServiceInstanceserviceInstance () const
const HttpLoggingServiceInstanceerrorLoggingInstance () const
HttpClientConnection & client ()
HttpResponseGeneratorresponse ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object::State
 State ()=default
 Default constructor.
 State (const State &)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~State ()
 Virtual destructor.
long useCount () const
 Reference count.
const Stateoperator= (const State &) const
template<class T >
bool is () const
 Check if this state is of type T.
template<class T >
T & as ()
 Statically cast this state to a different type T.
template<class T >
const T & as () const
 Statically cast this state to a different type T.

Detailed Description

Internal state.