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MaterialLight Class Reference

Material Design daylight theme More...

#include <cc/MaterialLight>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Theme
 Theme ()=default
 Create a null theme.
Color primaryColor () const
 Primary application color.
Color secondaryColor () const
 Secondary application color.
Color alertColor () const
 Warning/error color
Color statusBarColor () const
 Status bar background color.
Color windowColor () const
 Window background color
Color popupColor () const
 Popup window background color
Color appBarColor (bool pressed=false) const
 Application bar background color
Color appBarTextColor () const
 Application bar foreground color
Color appBarShadowColor () const
 Color of the drop shadow under the application bar
Color dialogScrimColor () const
 Color of semi-transparent background overlay
Color dialogColor () const
 Color of the dialog window background
Color dialogShadowColor () const
 Color of the drop shadow under simple picker/alert dialogs
Color titleTextColor () const
 Title text color
Color focusTextColor () const
 Text color for an item with active input focus
Color primaryTextColor () const
 Default text color
Color secondaryTextColor () const
 Alternative text color.
Color inactiveTextColor () const
 Text color for inactive/disabled controls
Color inputLineColor () const
 Default color of the underline of input fields
Color hoverInputLineColor () const
 Color of the input line when the mouse is hovering over it
Color pressedInputLineColor () const
 Color of the input line when pressed by the user
Color focusInputLineColor () const
 Color of the input line when input field has keyboard input focus
Color textCursorColor () const
 Color of the text input cursor
Color textSelectionColor () const
 Text color of text selections
Color textSelectionPaper () const
 Background color of text selections
Color dividerColor () const
 Divider color
Color inputFieldFillColor () const
 Background color of input fields
Color inputFieldFillColor (bool pressed) const
 Background color of input fields
Color itemHighlightColor () const
 Item highlight background color
Color sliderKnobColor () const
 Color of a slider knob
Color sliderKnobShadowColor () const
Color sliderActiveTrackColor () const
 Color of the active slider track
Color sliderInactiveTrackColor () const
 Color of the inactive slider track
Color sliderFocusColor () const
 Color of the slider knob focus indicator
Color switchKnobColor (bool on) const
Color switchKnobShadowColor (bool on) const
Color switchTrackColor (bool on) const
Color switchFocusColor () const
Color checkboxColor (bool on) const
Color checkboxFocusColor () const
Color radioboxColor (bool on) const
Color radioboxFocusColor () const
Color pushButtonColor (PushButtonStyle style) const
Color pushButtonTextColor (PushButtonStyle style) const
Color pushButtonShadowColor (PushButtonStyle style) const
Color pushButtonFocusColor (PushButtonStyle style) const
Color touchButtonColor (TouchButtonStyle style, bool pressed) const
Color touchButtonTextColor (TouchButtonStyle style, bool pressed) const
Pen touchButtonBorder (TouchButtonStyle style, bool pressed) const
Color flickableIndicatorColor () const
Color flickableIndicatorHandleColor () const
Color clockDialClockFaceColor (bool pressed) const
Color clockDialClockFaceTextColor (bool pressed) const
Color clockDialCurrentValueColor (bool pressed) const
Color clockDialCurrentValueTextColor (bool pressed) const
double textCursorWidth () const
 Width of the text cursor in text input controls.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
 Object ()=default
 Create a null object.
 operator bool () const
 Check if this is a non-null object.
bool isNull () const
 Check if this is a null object.
template<class T >
bool is () const
 Check if this object is of type T.
template<class T >
as () const
 Cast this object to type T.
bool isWeak () const
 Check if the underlying object reference is weak.
bool operator== (const Object &other) const
 Equality operator.
std::strong_ordering operator<=> (const Object &other) const
 Ordering operator.
long useCount () const
 Reference count.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Theme
 Theme (State *newState)
const State & me () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Object
template<class T >
weak () const
template<class T >
void initOnce ()
 Create the object state when called the first time.
template<class T >
void initOncePerThread ()
 Create a distinct object state for each thread when called the first time in that thread.
 Object (State *newState)
 Initialize object with newState.
 Object (State *state, Alias)
 Object (State *state, Weak)
Objectoperator= (std::nullptr_t)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Object
template<class T >
static T alias (const State *state)
 Create an alias object for the given state.
template<class T >
static T weak (const State *state)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Object
Handle< Stateme
 Internal object state

Detailed Description

Material Design daylight theme