CoreComponents 3.0.0
A Modern C++ Toolkit
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Modules List
Here is a list of all documented modules with brief descriptions:
 Mcc.coreFundamental high-level language primitives
 Mcc.cryptoCryptographic ciphers, hashes and sinks
 Mcc.httpHyper-Text Transfer Protocol
 Mcc.pulseBasic PulseAudio bindings
 Mcc.raspinRead/write GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi
 Mcc.syntaxRecursive descent parsing, regular expression matching, file globbing and more
 Mcc.systemOperating system specific facilities
 Mcc.testingDefining unit tests and generating standardised test output
 Mcc.tokiSyntax highlighting of C/C++ sourcecode files
 Mcc.uxGraphical user-interfaces with windows, buttons, etc.
 Mcc.zipListing and extracting files from ZIP archives