CoreComponents 3.0.0
A Modern C++ Toolkit
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Todo List
Class Binary< byteOrder >
Add support for reading floating point values of <stdfloat>
Class BlockCipher
Change encode(), decode() interfaces to allow passing the current block, because block selection with Bytes::select() is to expensive.
Member BuildShell::mkdir (const String &path) const
rename to fileInfo
Namespace cc::build
Create a C++ module for the build system library.
Member cc::fnum (double x, int precision=16, int base=10, int screen=6)
make use of frexp
Member cc::hex (const Bytes &data, char a='A')
Introduce Byte->Array<uint8_t> and move this function to Bytes::hex()
Class Control
implement proper multi-touch control logic (e.g. Application::pressedControls() -> Set<Control>, Control::trackingId: int), needed for instance for music application
Class Date
toString(): fully enable ms resolution (ss.fraction in String output)
Class Dialog
Add support for Dialog::open() to open a modal dialog in a separate window on non-handheld systems.
Class DragArea
Create another related control MultiDragArea which supports multi-touch
Class Easing
Visualize and tune the easing functions
Member HexDump::read (const String &text)
Move to Bytes::readHex()
Class JitterSource
quality control on generated bytes
Class JobScheduler
Establish a clean shutdown logic in case a signal is received (e.g. with a SignalMaster).
Class JobServer
Rename to BuildWorker
Class LineSource
The auxiliary buffer should be of type Bytes.
Class List< T >
Class ListMenu
Add support for item spacing.
Class ListView
Add support for item spacing.
Class LogView
Add support for line spacing.
Member Map< K, T, O >::firstIs (const Item &item) const
needs unit test
Member MultiMap< K, T, O >::remove (const Key &key)
optimize performance
Member MultiSet< T, O >::remove (const Item &item)
optimize performance
Class Painter

make showGlyphRun() and showTextRun() use the currentPoint() as baseline start

remove arcNegative() (automatically select the proper method)

Class Path

Test/debug Path::arcAround()

API doc strings for the Segment classes

Member Property< T >::Property (std::initializer_list< T > b)
improve list initialization
Class PushButton

field definition or negative touch margins ("activeMargin"?-)

Some onPressed() is needed to be triggered when the button is pressed by keyboard or mouse/pointer.

Class ScrollBar
simplify logic, fix theming support and close memory leaks
Class ScrollView
rename to ScrollArea
Class ServerSocket
rename to ListenSocket
Class Shadow

optimize performance on resize?

have optimized versions, e.g. BorderShadow

Member String::escape ()
add support for escaping UTF-8 sequences
Class TextView
Add support for line spacing.
Class Theme
Add missing doc strings.
Class Thread
simplify to autostart and remove start()/started()
Class TimePicker

improve keyboard navigation (possibly focus support needed for TextButton)

automatically allow to tab into keyboard input mode

Member TlsServerStream::handshake (TlsServiceSelector &&serviceSelector, int timeout)
allow to pass a debug function to receive errors/warnings
Class TokiLanguage
allow additional path patterns
Class TouchButton
Some onPressed() is needed to be triggered when the button is pressed by keyboard or mouse/pointer.
Class TypeInfo

Make builtin variant types share same TLS storage.

rename to VariantType::Info

Member Uri::hostIsNumeric () const
Member Utf16::Utf16 (const String &s)
FIXME argument type should be Bytes
Class Utf16Iterator
create a test harness
Class Variant

provide iterator for child iteration

introduce VariantTypeMismatch debug exception

Member WaitCondition::broadcast ()
rename to "notifyAll"
Member WaitCondition::signal ()
rename to "notifyOne"
Member WebP::encode (const Stream &sink, const Image &image)
improve performance by using libwebp's advanced API
Class ZipFile
Rename to ZipArchive