CoreComponents 3.0.0
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Core Concepts

Fundamental high-level language primitives More...

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 Objects with value semantics: ownership and life-cycle
 High-level Container
 High-level data structures for in-memory data organisation
 Low-level Container
 Low-level data structures for in-memory data organisation
 String Processing
 String processing, number parsing and number formatting
 I/O Streams
 Binary input/output streams and formatted text output
 File System
 Access files and directories
 Iteration and validation of Unicode encoded strings
 Multi-threading, thread synchronization and scheduling
 Multi-processing, signalling and inter-process communication
 Network sockets, status and routing information
 Exception classes and error handling convenience functions
 Math Utility
 Number rounding and other common utility functions
 Meta Types
 Object serialization, deserialization and validation
 Utility classes and helper functions
 Bits and Bytes
 Bit coding and byte order


module  cc.core
 Fundamental high-level language primitives

Detailed Description

Fundamental high-level language primitives