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RangeMinMaxNode< Invert > Member List

This is the complete list of members for RangeMinMaxNode< Invert >, including all inherited members.

a() const (defined in RangeMinMaxNode< Invert >)RangeMinMaxNode< Invert >
alias(const State *state)Objectprotectedstatic
as() constObject
b() const (defined in RangeMinMaxNode< Invert >)RangeMinMaxNode< Invert >
explain() constSyntaxNode
hint() constSyntaxNode
is() constObject
isNull() constObject
isWeak() constObject
matchLength() constSyntaxNode
matchNext(const String &text, long offset, Token &production) constSyntaxNode
me() (defined in SyntaxNode)SyntaxNodeprotected
Object(State *newState)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Alias) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Weak) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
operator bool() constObjectexplicit
operator<=>(const Object &other) constObject
operator=(std::nullptr_t) (defined in Object)Objectprotected
operator==(const Object &other) constObject
RangeMinMaxNode(char a, char b) (defined in RangeMinMaxNode< Invert >)RangeMinMaxNode< Invert >explicit
SyntaxNode(char ch) (defined in SyntaxNode)SyntaxNode
SyntaxNode(const char *s) (defined in SyntaxNode)SyntaxNode
SyntaxNode(const SyntaxRule *rule) (defined in SyntaxNode)SyntaxNode
SyntaxNode(Function< bool(char)> &&match) (defined in SyntaxNode)SyntaxNode
SyntaxNode(State *newState) (defined in SyntaxNode)SyntaxNodeexplicitprotected
useCount() constObject
weak() const (defined in Object)Objectprotected
weak(const State *state) (defined in Object)Objectprotectedstatic