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Job Member List

This is the complete list of members for Job, including all inherited members.

alias(const State *state)Objectprotectedstatic
as() constObject
command() const (defined in Job)Job
countDown() const (defined in Job)Job
getNextDerivative(Out< Job > derivative) (defined in Job)Job
is() constObject
isNull() constObject
isWeak() constObject
Job()=default (defined in Job)Job
Job(const String &command) (defined in Job)Jobexplicit
Job(const List< String > &args) (defined in Job)Jobexplicit
Job(State *newState) (defined in Job)Jobexplicitprotected
me() const (defined in Job)Jobprotected
me() (defined in Job)Jobprotected
notify() (defined in Job)Job
Object(State *newState)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Alias) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Weak) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
operator bool() constObjectexplicit
operator<=>(const Object &other) constObject
operator=(std::nullptr_t) (defined in Object)Objectprotected
operator==(const Object &other) constObject
outputText() const (defined in Job)Job
registerDerivative(Job &job) (defined in Job)Job
reported() const (defined in Job)Job
run() (defined in Job)Job
setReported(bool on) (defined in Job)Job
status() const (defined in Job)Job
useCount() constObject
wait() (defined in Job)Job
weak() const (defined in Object)Objectprotected
weak(const State *state) (defined in Object)Objectprotectedstatic