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Variant Member List

This is the complete list of members for Variant, including all inherited members.

count() constVariant
is() constVariant
operator String() constVariant
operator T() constVariantexplicit
operator()(const String &key) constVariant
operator()(const String &key)Variant
operator<=>(const Variant &other) constVariant
operator=(const Variant &b)Variant
operator=(Variant &&b)Variant
operator==(const Variant &other) constVariant
operator==(const char *other) constVariant
operator[](long index) constVariant
read(const String &s)Variantstatic
sameTypeAs(const Variant &b) constVariant
to() constVariant
typeName() constVariant
Variant(T value)Variant
Variant(int value)Variant
Variant(float value)Variant
Variant(const char *value)Variant
Variant(std::initializer_list< const char * > values)Variant
Variant(std::initializer_list< int > values)Variant
Variant(std::initializer_list< long > values)Variant
Variant(std::initializer_list< double > values)Variant
Variant(const Variant &b)Variant
Variant(Variant &&b)Variant
~Variant() (defined in Variant)Variant