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Uri Member List

This is the complete list of members for Uri, including all inherited members.

decode(const String &text)Uristatic
decode(InOut< String > text)Uristatic
decodeForm(const String &payload)Uristatic
encode(const String &text)Uristatic
encoded() constUri
encodeForm(const Map< String > &form)Uristatic
family() constUri
fragment() constUri
host() constUri
hostIsNumeric() constUri
isHostNumeric() constUri
isValid() constUri
operator bool() constUriexplicit
path() constUri
port() constUri
query() constUri
requestHost() constUri
requestPath() constUri
resolve(int port=0) constUri
scheme() constUri
setFragment(const String &newValue)Uri
setHost(const String &newValue)Uri
setPath(const String &newValue)Uri
setPort(int newValue)Uri
setQuery(const String &newValue)Uri
setScheme(const String &newValue)Uri
setUserInfo(const String &newValue)Uri
toString() constUri
Uri(const String &text)Uri
Uri(const char *text)Uri
Uri(const String &text, const Token &token)Uri
userInfo() constUri