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Text Member List

This is the complete list of members for Text, including all inherited members.

add(const View &child)View
addAbove(const View &child)View
addBelow(const View &child)View
alias(const State *state)Objectprotectedstatic
angle() constView
angle(double newValue)View
angle(Definition< double > &&f)View
angleEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
as() constObject
associate(Out< Text > self)Text
cc::View::associate(Out< View > self)View
cc::View::associate(Out< T > self)Viewprotected
attach(const Object &other)View
attach(Function< void()> &&f)View
baselineStart() constText
baselineStart(Definition< Point > &&a)Text
basePaper() constView
bottom() constView
bottomCenter() constView
bottomCenter(Point newValue)View
bottomCenter(Definition< Point > &&a)View
bottomLeft() constView
bottomLeft(Point newValue)View
bottomLeft(Definition< Point > &&a)View
bottomRight() constView
bottomRight(Point newValue)View
bottomRight(Definition< Point > &&a)View
center(Point newValue)View
center(Definition< Point > &&a)View
centerLeft() constView
centerLeft(Point newValue)View
centerLeft(Definition< Point > &&a)View
centerRight() constView
centerRight(Point newValue)View
centerRight(Definition< Point > &&a)View
children() constView
childrenCount() constView
childrenRect() constView
clip() constView
clip(bool newValue)View
clip(Definition< bool > &&f)View
collectVisible(InOut< List< T > > collection) constView
color() constText
color(Color newValue)Text
color(Definition< Color > &&f)Text
containsGlobal(Point g) constView
containsLocal(Point l) constView
count() constView
CreateState typedef (defined in View)Viewprotected
decoration() constView
decoration(const View &newValue)View
decoration(Definition< View > &&f)View
findChild(Point l) constView
findControl(Point l) constView
font() constText
font(Font newValue)Text
font(Definition< Font > &&f)Text
fontMetrics() constText
fullId() constView
get() constViewprotected
hasChildren() constView
hasParent() constView
hasWindow() constView
height() constView
Id typedefView
id() constView
innerHeight() constView
innerWidth() constView
insertAt(Locator target, const View &child)View
insertAt(long index, const View &child)View
is() constObject
isHandheld() constView
isNull() constObject
isParentOf(const View &other) constView
isWeak() constObject
layout() constView
layout(const Layout &newValue)View
laysInsideOf(const View &other, double margin) constView
left() constView
mapToChild(const View &child, Point l) constView
mapToGlobal(Point l) constView
mapToLocal(Point g) constView
mapToParent(const View &parent, Point l) constView
margin() constText
margin(Size newValue)Text
margin(Definition< Size > &&f)Text
maxSize() constView
maxWidth() constText
maxWidth(double newValue)Text
maxWidth(Definition< double > &&f)Text
me() (defined in Text)Textprotected
me() const (defined in Text)Textprotected
minSize() constView
moving() constView
moving(bool newValue)View
moving(Definition< bool > &&f)View
nextPage(bool clear=true)Surface
Object(State *newState)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Alias) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Weak) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
objectName() constView
objectName(const char *name)View
onDemand() (defined in View)Viewprotectedstatic
onEndOfLife(Function< void()> &&f)View
onFingerMoved(Filter< FingerEvent > &&f)View
onFingerPressed(Filter< FingerEvent > &&f)View
onFingerReleased(Filter< FingerEvent > &&f)View
onKeyPressed(Filter< KeyEvent > &&f)View
onKeyReleased(Filter< KeyEvent > &&f)View
onMouseMoved(Filter< MouseEvent > &&f)View
onMousePressed(Filter< MouseEvent > &&f)View
onMouseReleased(Filter< MouseEvent > &&f)View
onPointerMoved(Filter< PointerEvent > &&f)View
onPointerPressed(Filter< PointerEvent > &&f)View
onPointerReleased(Filter< PointerEvent > &&f)View
onWheelMoved(Filter< WheelEvent > &&f)View
onWindowEntered(Function< void()> &&f)View
onWindowLeft(Function< void()> &&f)View
opacity() constView
opacity(double newValue)View
opacity(Definition< double > &&f)View
opacityEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
operator bool() constObjectexplicit
operator<=>(const View &other) constView
cc::Surface::operator<=>(const Object &other) constObject
operator=(std::nullptr_t) (defined in Object)Objectprotected
operator==(const View &other) constView
operator==(const State *other) const (defined in View)Viewprotected
cc::Surface::operator==(const Object &other) constObject
padding() constView
padding(const Padding &newValue)View
padding(Definition< Padding > &&f)View
paint(Definition< void > &&f)View
paper() constView
paper(Color newValue)View
paper(Definition< Color > &&f)View
parent() constView
pivot() constView
pivot(Point newValue)View
pivot(Definition< Point > &&f)View
pivotEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
populate(const Function< void(View)> &&f)View
pos() constView
pos(Point newValue)View
pos(double x, double y)View
pos(Definition< Point > &&f)View
posEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration, Function< bool()> &&direct=nullptr)View
preferredSize() constView
push(const View &child)View
remove(const View &child)View
renderTo(Image &image) constView
right() constView
root() constView
scale() constView
scale(double newValue)View
scale(Definition< double > &&f)View
scaleEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
size() constView
size(Size newValue)View
size(double width, double height)View
size(Definition< Size > &&f)View
sizeEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
Surface(State *newState) (defined in Surface)Surfaceexplicitprotected
Text(const String &text, Font font=Font{})Textexplicit
Text(const String &text, Font font, bool html) (defined in Text)Textprotected
Text(State *newState) (defined in Text)Textexplicitprotected
Text(CreateState onDemand) (defined in Text)Textexplicitprotected
text() constText
text(const String &newValue)Text
text(Definition< String > &&f)Text
textAlign() constText
textAlign(TextAlign newValue)Text
textAlign(Definition< TextAlign > &&f)Text
top() constView
topCenter() constView
topCenter(Point newValue)View
topCenter(Definition< Point > &&a)View
topLeft() constView
topLeft(Point newValue)View
topLeft(Definition< Point > &&a)View
topRight() constView
topRight(Point newValue)View
topRight(Definition< Point > &&a)View
useCount() constObject
View(double width, double height)View
View(State *newState)Viewexplicitprotected
View(CreateState onDemand)Viewexplicitprotected
visible() constView
visible(bool newValue)View
visible(Definition< bool > &&f)View
visibleChildren() constView
weak() const (defined in Object)Objectprotected
weak(const State *state) (defined in Object)Objectprotectedstatic
width() constView
window() constView
x() constView
y() constView