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String Member List

This is the complete list of members for String, including all inherited members.

absolutePathRelativeTo(const String &currentDir) constString
alignedLeft(int w, char blank=' ') constString
alignedRight(int w, char blank=' ') constString
allocate(long n, char b)Stringstatic
allocate(long n)Stringstatic
applyTo(InOut< Array > dst) constArray< uint8_t >
Array()Array< uint8_t >
Array(Dim< 1 > dim)Array< uint8_t >
Array(const Array &other)=defaultArray< uint8_t >
Array(Array &&b)Array< uint8_t >
Array(std::initializer_list< uint8_t > items)Array< uint8_t >
Array(std::initializer_list< Array > arrays)Array< uint8_t >
Array(const Item *src, long count)Array< uint8_t >explicit
Array(const List< Array > &parts)Array< uint8_t >explicit
Array(const List< Array > &parts, Item sep)Array< uint8_t >explicit
asBytes() constString
at(long i)String
at(long i) constString
baseName() constString
begin() constString
breakUp(long m) constString
byteAt(long j)Array< uint8_t >
byteAt(long j) constArray< uint8_t >
bytes() constArray< uint8_t >
bytes()Array< uint8_t >
canonicalPath() constString
cbegin() constString
cd(const String &target) constString
cdUp() constString
cend() constString
chars() constArray< uint8_t >
chars()Array< uint8_t >
const_iterator typedefString
const_reverse_iterator typedefString
contains(char b) constString
contains(const char *b) constString
contains(const String &b) constString
copy() constString
copy(long i0, long i1) constString
copy(Range range) constString
copyRangeTo(long i0, long i1, Out< Array > dst) constArray< uint8_t >
copyRangeToOffset(long i0, long i1, Out< Array > dst, long j0) constArray< uint8_t >
copyTo(Out< Array > dst) constArray< uint8_t >
copyToOffset(Out< Array > dst, long j0) constArray< uint8_t >
copyToRange(Out< Array > dst, long j0, long j1) constArray< uint8_t >
count() constString
count(char b) constString
Array< uint8_t >::count(const Item &b) constArray< uint8_t >
crbegin() constString
crend() constString
cString() constString
deplete()Array< uint8_t >
downcased() constString
end() constString
endsWith(char b) constString
endsWith(const char *b, long bn=-1) constString
endsWith(const String &b) constString
Array< uint8_t >::endsWith(const Array &tail) constArray< uint8_t >
escaped() constString
fileName() constString
fileSuffix() constString
fill(const Item &b)Array< uint8_t >
find(char b, InOut< long > i0=None{}) constString
find(const char *b, long bn=-1, InOut< long > i0=None{}) constString
find(const String &b, InOut< long > i0=None{}) constString
Array< uint8_t >::find(const Item &b, InOut< long > i0=None{}) constArray< uint8_t >
first() constArray< uint8_t >
has(long i) constString
indented(const String &prefix)String
isAbsolutePath() constString
isCString() constString
isHerePath() constString
isRelativePath() constString
isRootPath() constString
Item typedefString
item(long j)Array< uint8_t >
item(long j) constArray< uint8_t >
itemCount() constArray< uint8_t >
items() constArray< uint8_t >
items()Array< uint8_t >
iterator typedefString
last() constArray< uint8_t >
leadingTrimmed(const char *ws=" \t\n\r") constString
leadingTrimmed(const String &ws) constString
longBaseName() constString
offset() constArray< uint8_t >
operator bool() constStringexplicit
operator char *()String
operator const char *() constString
operator const OtherItem *() constArray< uint8_t >explicit
operator const void *() constStringexplicit
operator OtherItem *()Array< uint8_t >explicit
operator void *()Stringexplicit
operator()(long i, char fallback='\0') constString
Array< uint8_t >::operator()(long i) constArray< uint8_t >
Array< uint8_t >::operator()(long i, const uint8_t &value)Array< uint8_t >
operator*(long n) constString
operator+() constString
operator+=(char b)String
operator+=(const char *b)String
operator+=(const String &b)String
operator/(const String &relativePath) constString
operator<=>(const String &other) constString
operator<=>(const char *other) constString
Array< uint8_t >::operator<=>(const Array &other) constArray< uint8_t >
operator=(const Array &)=defaultArray< uint8_t >
operator=(Array &&b)Array< uint8_t >
operator==(const String &other) constString
Array< uint8_t >::operator==(const Array &other) constArray< uint8_t >
operator[](long i)String
operator[](long i) constString
operator[](int i)String
operator[](int i) constString
paste(long i0, long i1, const String &text) constString
rbegin() constString
read(Out< T > value) constString
readNumber(Out< T > value) constString
readNumberInRange(long i0, long i1, Out< T > value) constString
rend() constString
replace(char a, char b)String
replace(const char *b, const char *s)String
replace(const char *b, const String &s)String
replace(const String &b, const char *s)String
replace(const String &b, const String &s)String
Array< uint8_t >::replace(const Item &b, const Item &s)Array< uint8_t >
replaced(const char *b, const char *s) constString
replaced(const char *b, const String &s) constString
replaced(const String &b, const char *s) constString
replaced(const String &b, const String &s) constString
resize(long n)String
reverse()Array< uint8_t >
reverse_iterator typedefString
reversed() constArray< uint8_t >
sansFileSuffix() constString
select(long i0, long i1)String
select(Range range)String
selectAs(long i0, long i1, Out< String > target)String
selectAs(Range range, Out< String > target)String
Array< uint8_t >::selectAs(long i0, long i1, Out< Array > target)Array< uint8_t >
selectHead(long n)String
selectTail(long n)String
shift(long n)Array< uint8_t >
shortFileSuffix() constString
simplified(const char *ws=" \t\n\r") constString
simplified(const String &ws) constString
simplify(const char *ws=" \t\n\r")String
simplify(const String &ws)String
size() constArray< uint8_t >
size_type typedefString
split(char sep) constString
split(const char *sep) constString
split(const String &sep) constString
startsWith(char b) constString
startsWith(const char *b, long bn=-1) constString
startsWith(const String &b) constString
Array< uint8_t >::startsWith(const Array &head) constArray< uint8_t >
String(const char *b)String
String(const char *b, long n)String
String(const Bytes &b, long i0, long i1)String
String(const List< Part > &parts)String
String(const List< Part > &parts, const String &sep)Stringexplicit
String(const List< Part > &parts, char sep)Stringexplicit
String(const List< Part > &parts, const char *sep)Stringexplicit
String(const List< Part > &parts, const char *sep, long sepCount)Stringexplicit
times(long n) constString
toBool(Out< bool > ok=None{}) constString
toDouble(Out< bool > ok=None{}) constString
toInt(Out< bool > ok=None{}) constString
toLong(Out< bool > ok=None{}) constString
trailingTrimmed(const char *ws=" \t\n\r") constString
trailingTrimmed(const String &ws) constString
trim(const char *ls=" \t\n\r", const char *ts=nullptr)String
trim(const String &ls, const String &ts)String
trimLeading(const char *ws=" \t\n\r")String
trimLeading(const String &ws)String
trimmed(const char *ls=" \t\n\r", const char *ts=nullptr) constString
trimmed(const String &ls, const String &ts) constString
trimTrailing(const char *ws=" \t\n\r")String
trimTrailing(const String &ws)String
truncate(long n)String
upcased() constString
value_type typedefString
wordAt(long j)Array< uint8_t >
wordAt(long j) constArray< uint8_t >
words() constArray< uint8_t >
words()Array< uint8_t >
wrap(void *data, long count)Array< uint8_t >static
wrapAround(void *data, long count)Array< uint8_t >