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Property< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Property< T >, including all inherited members.

define(Function< T()> &&f)Property< T >
onChanged(Function< void()> &&f) constProperty< T >
operator T() constProperty< T >
operator()(const T &b)Property< T >
operator()(Function< T()> &&f)Property< T >
operator()() constProperty< T >
operator*=(const T2 &b)Property< T >
operator++()Property< T >
operator++(int)Property< T >
operator+=(const T2 &b)Property< T >
operator--()Property< T >
operator--(int)Property< T >
operator-=(const T2 &b)Property< T >
operator/=(const T2 &b)Property< T >
operator<<=(const T2 &b)Property< T >
operator=(const Property &b)Property< T >
operator=(Property &&b) (defined in Property< T >)Property< T >
operator=(const T &b)Property< T >
operator=(const T2 &b)Property< T >
operator>>=(const T2 &b)Property< T >
Property()Property< T >
Property(const T &b)Property< T >
Property(std::initializer_list< T > b)Property< T >
Property(Function< T()> &&f)Property< T >explicit
Property(const Property &b) (defined in Property< T >)Property< T >
Property(Property *b)Property< T >explicit
Property(Property &&b) (defined in Property< T >)Property< T >
readFrom(const String &text)Property< T >
restrict(Function< bool(T &, T)> &&g)Property< T >
~Property()Property< T >