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Plot Member List

This is the complete list of members for Plot, including all inherited members.

add(const View &child)View
addAbove(const View &child)View
addBelow(const View &child)View
alias(const State *state)Objectprotectedstatic
angle() constView
angle(double newValue)View
angle(Definition< double > &&f)View
angleEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
as() constObject
associate(Out< Plot > self)Plot
cc::View::associate(Out< View > self)View
cc::View::associate(Out< T > self)Viewprotected
attach(const Object &other)View
attach(Function< void()> &&f)View
basePaper() constView
bottom() constView
bottomCenter() constView
bottomCenter(Point newValue)View
bottomCenter(Definition< Point > &&a)View
bottomLeft() constView
bottomLeft(Point newValue)View
bottomLeft(Definition< Point > &&a)View
bottomRight() constView
bottomRight(Point newValue)View
bottomRight(Definition< Point > &&a)View
center(Point newValue)View
center(Definition< Point > &&a)View
centerLeft() constView
centerLeft(Point newValue)View
centerLeft(Definition< Point > &&a)View
centerRight() constView
centerRight(Point newValue)View
centerRight(Definition< Point > &&a)View
children() constView
childrenCount() constView
childrenRect() constView
clip() constView
clip(bool newValue)View
clip(Definition< bool > &&f)View
collectVisible(InOut< List< T > > collection) constView
containsGlobal(Point g) constView
containsLocal(Point l) constView
count() constView
CreateState typedef (defined in View)Viewprotected
decoration() constView
decoration(const View &newValue)View
decoration(Definition< View > &&f)View
findChild(Point l) constView
findControl(Point l) constView
fullId() constView
get() constViewprotected
hasChildren() constView
hasParent() constView
hasWindow() constView
height() constView
id() constView
Id typedefView
innerHeight() constView
innerWidth() constView
insertAt(Locator target, const View &child)View
insertAt(long index, const View &child)View
is() constObject
isHandheld() constView
isNull() constObject
isParentOf(const View &other) constView
isWeak() constObject
layout() constView
layout(const Layout &newValue)View
laysInsideOf(const View &other, double margin) constView
left() constView
log10(double x) (defined in Plot)Plotstatic
mapToChild(const View &child, Point l) constView
mapToGlobal(Point l) constView
mapToLocal(Point g) constView
mapToParent(const View &parent, Point l) constView
maxSize() constView
minSize() constView
moving() constView
moving(bool newValue)View
moving(Definition< bool > &&f)View
nextPage(bool clear=true)Surface
Object(State *newState)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Alias) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Weak) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
objectName() constView
objectName(const char *name)View
onDemand() (defined in View)Viewprotectedstatic
onEndOfLife(Function< void()> &&f)View
onFingerMoved(Filter< FingerEvent > &&f)View
onFingerPressed(Filter< FingerEvent > &&f)View
onFingerReleased(Filter< FingerEvent > &&f)View
onKeyPressed(Filter< KeyEvent > &&f)View
onKeyReleased(Filter< KeyEvent > &&f)View
onMouseMoved(Filter< MouseEvent > &&f)View
onMousePressed(Filter< MouseEvent > &&f)View
onMouseReleased(Filter< MouseEvent > &&f)View
onPointerMoved(Filter< PointerEvent > &&f)View
onPointerPressed(Filter< PointerEvent > &&f)View
onPointerReleased(Filter< PointerEvent > &&f)View
onWheelMoved(Filter< WheelEvent > &&f)View
onWindowEntered(Function< void()> &&f)View
onWindowLeft(Function< void()> &&f)View
opacity() constView
opacity(double newValue)View
opacity(Definition< double > &&f)View
opacityEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
operator bool() constObjectexplicit
operator<=>(const View &other) constView
cc::Surface::operator<=>(const Object &other) constObject
operator=(std::nullptr_t) (defined in Object)Objectprotected
operator==(const View &other) constView
operator==(const State *other) const (defined in View)Viewprotected
cc::Surface::operator==(const Object &other) constObject
padding() constView
padding(const Padding &newValue)View
padding(Definition< Padding > &&f)View
paint(Definition< void > &&f)View
paper() constView
paper(Color newValue)View
paper(Definition< Color > &&f)View
parent() constView
pen() constPlot
pen(const Pen &newValue)Plot
pen(Definition< Pen > &&f)Plot
pivot() constView
pivot(Point newValue)View
pivot(Definition< Point > &&f)View
pivotEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
Plot(double width, double height)Plot
points(const Array< Point > &newValue)Plot
points(const Array< Point > &newValue)Plot
populate(const Function< void(View)> &&f)View
pos() constView
pos(Point newValue)View
pos(double x, double y)View
pos(Definition< Point > &&f)View
posEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration, Function< bool()> &&direct=nullptr)View
preferredSize() constView
push(const View &child)View
remove(const View &child)View
renderTo(Image &image) constView
right() constView
root() constView
scale() constView
scale(double newValue)View
scale(Definition< double > &&f)View
scaleEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
scaling(const Function< double(double)> &scaleY) (defined in Plot)Plot
scaling(const Function< double(double)> &scaleX, const Function< double(double)> &scaleY) (defined in Plot)Plot
scope() constPlot
scope(const Rect &newValue)Plot
scope(Definition< Rect > &&f)Plot
size() constView
size(Size newValue)View
size(double width, double height)View
size(Definition< Size > &&f)View
sizeEasing(const EasingCurve &easing, double duration)View
Surface(State *newState) (defined in Surface)Surfaceexplicitprotected
symLog(double x) (defined in Plot)Plotstatic
top() constView
topCenter() constView
topCenter(Point newValue)View
topCenter(Definition< Point > &&a)View
topLeft() constView
topLeft(Point newValue)View
topLeft(Definition< Point > &&a)View
topRight() constView
topRight(Point newValue)View
topRight(Definition< Point > &&a)View
useCount() constObject
View(double width, double height)View
View(State *newState)Viewexplicitprotected
View(CreateState onDemand)Viewexplicitprotected
visible() constView
visible(bool newValue)View
visible(Definition< bool > &&f)View
visibleChildren() constView
weak() const (defined in Object)Objectprotected
weak(const State *state) (defined in Object)Objectprotectedstatic
width() constView
window() constView
x() constView
xScaling(const Function< double(double)> &scaleX) (defined in Plot)Plot
y() constView
yScaling(const Function< double(double)> &scaleY) (defined in Plot)Plot