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Iterator< Container > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Iterator< Container >, including all inherited members.

Access typedefIterator< Container >
difference_type typedef (defined in Iterator< Container >)Iterator< Container >
egress_ (defined in Locator)Locatorprotected
index() constLocator
index_ (defined in Locator)Locatorprotected
isValid() constLocator
Item typedefIterator< Container >
Iterator(const Locator &pos)Iterator< Container >
iterator_category typedef (defined in Iterator< Container >)Iterator< Container >
Locator(long index=0)Locator
Locator(const unsigned *revision, long index, BucketStop *stop, unsigned egress) (defined in Locator)Locatorexplicitprotected
operator bool() constIterator< Container >explicit
operator*() constIterator< Container >
operator+() constIterator< Container >
operator+(long delta)Iterator< Container >
operator++()Iterator< Container >
operator++(int)Iterator< Container >
operator-(long delta)Iterator< Container >
operator-(const Iterator &b) constIterator< Container >
cc::Locator::operator-(const Locator &other) constLocator
operator--()Iterator< Container >
operator--(int)Iterator< Container >
operator<=>(const Iterator &b) constIterator< Container >
cc::Locator::operator<=>(const Locator &other) constLocator
operator==(const Iterator &b) constIterator< Container >
cc::Locator::operator==(const Locator &other) constLocator
pointer typedef (defined in Iterator< Container >)Iterator< Container >
reference typedef (defined in Iterator< Container >)Iterator< Container >
revisionPtr_ (defined in Locator)Locatorprotected
revisionSaved_ (defined in Locator)Locatorprotected
stepBack() (defined in Locator)Locatorprotected
stepNext() (defined in Locator)Locatorprotected
stop_ (defined in Locator)Locatorprotected
value_type typedef (defined in Iterator< Container >)Iterator< Container >