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HttpStream Member List

This is the complete list of members for HttpStream, including all inherited members.

alias(const State *state)Objectprotectedstatic
as() constObject
defaultTransferUnit() constStream
drain(const Bytes &auxBuffer=Bytes{})Stream
HttpStream()=default (defined in HttpStream)HttpStream
HttpStream(const Stream &stream) (defined in HttpStream)HttpStreamexplicit
is() constObject
isDiscarding() constStream
isNull() constObject
isPayloadConsumed() const (defined in HttpStream)HttpStream
isWeak() constObject
nextChunk() (defined in HttpStream)HttpStream
nextHeader() (defined in HttpStream)HttpStream
nextLine() (defined in HttpStream)HttpStream
nextPayload(long length) (defined in HttpStream)HttpStream
Object(State *newState)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Alias) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
Object(State *state, Weak) (defined in Object)Objectexplicitprotected
operator bool() constObjectexplicit
operator<=>(const Object &other) constObject
operator=(std::nullptr_t) (defined in Object)Objectprotected
operator==(const Object &other) constObject
read(Out< Bytes > buffer, long maxFill=-1)Stream
readSpan(Out< Bytes > buffer)Stream
readSpan(long count)Stream
skip(long long count)Stream
Stream(State *newState) (defined in Stream)Streamexplicitprotected
transferTo(const Stream &sink, long long count, const Bytes &buffer)Stream
transferTo(const Stream &sink, long long count=-1)Stream
useCount() constObject
wait(IoEvent event, int timeout=-1)Stream
waitEstablished(int timeout=-1)Stream
weak() const (defined in Object)Objectprotected
weak(const State *state) (defined in Object)Objectprotectedstatic
write(const Bytes &buffer, long fill=-1)Stream
write(const List< Bytes > &buffers)Stream
write(const List< String > &parts)Stream
write(const struct iovec *iov, int iovcnt)Stream
write(const char *s)Stream