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Font Member List

This is the complete list of members for Font, including all inherited members.

color() constFont
color(Color newValue)Font
decoration() constFont
decoration(Decoration newValue)Font
defaultSize(Pitch pitch=Pitch::Variable)Fontstatic
family() constFont
family(const String &newValue)Font
Font(double size)Font
Font(const String &family, double size)Font
Font(const String &family)Font
Font(Pitch pitch)Font
Font(Pitch pitch, double size)Font
metricsHinting() constFont
metricsHinting(MetricsHinting newValue)Font
operator bool() constFont
operator!=(const Font &b) constFont
operator*=(double scale) (defined in Font)Font
operator==(const Font &b) constFont
outlineHinting() constFont
outlineHinting(OutlineHinting newValue)Font
paper() constFont
paper(Color newValue)Font
path() constFont
size() constFont
size(double newValue)Font
slant() constFont
slant(Slant newValue)Font
smoothing() constFont
smoothing(FontSmoothing newValue)Font
stretch() constFont
stretch(Stretch newValue)Font
weight() constFont
weight(Weight newValue)Font