Core Components 2.4.1
A Modern C++ API
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CoreComponents provides a common system abstraction layer on top of POSIX for C++ developers.


  • high-level / safe-to-use data containers
  • powerful string processing and pattern matching
  • safe memory management idioms
  • designed for multi-threading from ground up
  • fast compile times
  • transparent API: full access to low-level system primitives
  • batteries included:
    • easy to use build system (ccbuild)
    • built-in web server and client (ccget, ccnode)
    • many more useful tools

Installation from Source


  • gcc or compatible compiler (e.g.: gcc, clang/llvm)
  • POSIX compatible shell (e.g.: ksh, bash)
  • pkg-config and gnureadline (optional)

Install required development packages:

sudo apt-get install g++ pkg-config git curl

Download the latest stable version:

mkdir -p ~/src
cd ~/src
curl -L | tar xzv
ln -s ../CoreComponents-2.4.1 CoreComponents

Thereafter bootstrap the build system:

mkdir -p ~/build/CoreComponents_release
cd ~/build/CoreComponents_release

Finally, build the entire toolkit:

./ccbuild -release -test ~/src/CoreComponents

Optionally add the build directory to your environment:

export PATH=$PWD:$PATH
echo "export PATH=$PWD:\$PATH" >> ~/.profile